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Terms and Conditions
  1. ‘Asia Cruise Forum JEJU’ (hereinafter referred to as “ACF”) makes every efforts and abides by the Personal Information Protection Acts in order to protect personal information of the participants and/or subjects of information.
  2. Article 1 Purpose

    • The purpose of this Asia Cruise Forum JEJU Use Agreement (hereafter “this Agreement”) is to set out the rights, obligations, responsibilities, terms of use, usage procedures and other fundamental matters between the User and Asia Cruise Forum JEJU (hereafter “ACF”) in connection with the use of services provided by the ACF.
  3. Article 2 User

    • The ‘User’ means an individual who signed up as a member of ACF by accessing the website of the ACF and consented to the terms of this Agreement.
  4. Article 3 Effectiveness and Amendment

    • ① This Agreement shall take effect for all users as posted on the website. ② ACF may amend this Agreement if it deems it to be necessary and amended Agreement shall take effect for all users in accordance with subsection (1) of this article. ③ Any User who does not agree to the amended Agreement may withdrawal from this service. The User who continues to use services by the effective date shall be deemed to have consented to the amendment.
  5. Article 4 Sing Up

    • ① This Use Agreement shall become effective when any person who wishes to be a user consents to the terms of this Agreement and submits an application (application form can be found on website). ② The person who wishes to be a user of this Forum shall provide its own personal information as requested.
  6. Article 5 Restrictions on Use of Service

    • The Forum may not approve such application submitted under the any of following events:

      1. When the applicant provides false name

      2. When the applicant uses another person (or company)’s name for application

      3. When any information to be filled out by the applicant is falsely entered or omitted or erroneously indicated

      4. When the applicant submits application to disturb a social order and the public good.

  7. Article 6 Membership

    • The membership of Forum website service consists of:

      1. General Participant

      2. Speaker

  8. Article 7 Withdrawal and Termination

    • ① The User can withdraw its membership at any time through submitting on/off line application.

      ② ACF may terminate or suspend user’s membership without any prior notification if the User engages in any of following activities:

      1. Misappropriating or illegally using another User’s ID and Password

      2. Acquiring membership under the false/or another person’s name

      3. Interrupting the Forum’s operation

      4. Dual registration by single person

      5. Disseminating information, sentences, diagrams or sounds that disturb social order or the public good

      6. Defaming or committing any offensive action against the third party, or any illegal behavior such as infringing on the intellectual property rights

      7. Transmitting, posting or commercializing information other than that designated without prior consent from the Forum

      8. Any other illegal or unreasonable behavior

  9. Article 8 Intellectual Property

    • ① The User shall not be allowed to post, copy or sell any information without prior approval from ACF or legal authority, and also the User shall not post/publish any contents with changing name of author.

      ② ACF shall not be liable for any damage caused by infringing above subsection (1).

  10. Article 9 Obligation of ACF

    • ① ACF has an obligation to provide consistent and stable services to the User.

      ② When any User files a reasonable complaint with ACF in connection with the service, ACF shall promptly handle the complaint. If it is difficult to promptly handle the complaint, ACF shall notify the User of the reasons and the schedule for handling the complaint.

      ③ ACF shall maintain confidentiality of personal information of the User, and it may use personal information of the User only in connection with its normal service operation or service improvement activities. Also, it shall not transfer any personal information of the User to the third party.

  11. Article 10 Obligation of User

    • ① The User shall be fully responsible for management of ID and Password and/or use of them by third party.

      ② The User shall notify any unauthorized use of his/her ID to Forum.

      ③ The User shall comply with this Agreement and all related Law/Act, and it shall not disturb normal operation of Forum.

  12. Article 11 Limitation from Liability

    • ① The User has right to use any posted contents deliberately and freely. Also, ACF shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the service or arising from any materials obtained by the User through the service.

      ② ACF shall not liable for any loss resulting from suspension of service or any other grounds.


Privacy Policy
  1. 1. Privacy Policy

    • Smart Conference (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), in order to guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of the freedom and privacy of correspondence of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution to the people of the best, and that for this company Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection are in compliance with the Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, Privacy guidelines
      Company and guarantee the freedom of communication in the information society by removing the source to the possession of a violation of the fundamental rights of the members, in order to protect the members of your personal information must establish and comply with our Privacy Policy. Members donated by the private information will provide more useful information to wihamim.
  2. 2. The definition of personal information

    • "Personal Information" means information network used to promote and Information Protection Act, letters and personal information on the survival of individuals is defined, name, address, etc., where you can learn to voice and acoustic and video information refers to the (included) that you can learn easily combined with other information, such information alone, even if you can not recognize certain individuals.
  3. 3. Agree about the collection of personal information

    • Members company with the company's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agrees Button or <Cancel> Through the procedure to be able to click the button <Agrees> Deemed consent for the collection of personal information when you click the button. However, if any of the following cases, may collect personal information without the consent of the members.

      A. Information and Communication Service of the agreement in order to implement, if necessary,

      B. to provide information and communication services for accounting fee if necessary

      C. Special provisions in other laws

  4. 4. Procedures for collecting personal information when registering, and items

    • 1. Personal information collected procedure Register of Members of the Social Security number registered at the Register through the Korea Credit Information ( to authenticate themselves to blindness certified company and, Social Security number you entered will not be saved. Register to provide personal information for member companies to provide services to the most essential information. Most of the services provided by the company are freely available through the membership of the member once. However, if you wish to utilize the company's subscription service Member items of information required must be entered, and if it did not enter the selection of service is not limited.
    • 2. Personal information collected items

      A. Item: Member ID, password, name, home address, phone number, email address, etc.

    • 3. Information about their members false information when entering the company's actions to ensure the accuracy and legality. Violators of others to steal information entered false information in various ways, such as when the company members report in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations can be
  5. 5. The purpose of collection of personal information and the purpose of use

    • Conference Smart may collect personal information for the following purposes.

      A. Service provided for identification

      B. Used as a means to interconnect for goods trading

      C. Other new services, new products, or Event Information

  6. 6. Provide personal information, and sharing

    • 1. Notice within the scope of the member's personal information, and company member of the "purpose" collects and uses your personal information to exceed this range does not In the following cases, however, the company tipping the member's personal information is.
    • 2. Divulge to any third party without the consent of the person or not deploy, nor the company members' personal information obtained in relation to the provision of services, and it is not used for commercial purposes. However, in the following cases are exceptions.

      A. Members in advance, consent to the disclosure of personal information if

      B. Necessary for the settlement of fees in accordance with the provision of the service if

      C. Statistics, academic research or market research, if necessary, can not recognize certain individuals as Reprocessing if

      D. Special provisions in other laws

      E. Discretion, it acts, the administrative offices and law enforcement agencies asked to disclose personal information is brought, the company is primarily to protect the personal information of members. Administrative offices and investigation agency's disclosure of personal information beyond the scope of the discretion of the act be legally binding, but the company may disclose personal information.

  7. 7. A member of the third party's personal information acquired

    • Members acquired the site, which is operated by the company from third-party e-mail address or other personal information that can identify and collect not.
      A member-in-law (诈 伪), principalities (or other illegal ways 诈术) if the third party's personal information and the information that can be used to identify them to view or receive from the company, the company parties report to law enforcement agencies can, parties may be subject to penalties pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
  8. 8. Member's duty of care

    • Member's personal information is protected by the password you set yourself a member of this company's personal information handlers and only members can access personal information. Members using his ID and password, you can edit and modify your personal information. You already a member, please observe the following to prevent the loss of personal information (丧失), misuse (误 用), change (变更).

      A. The member's password who can not even give the

      B. Members must terminate the member's account after completing the company's use of the Service, and the web browser window should close Please Members share this computer with others, PC room or in a public place like a library or computer If you are using someone else carelessly member's personal information and the contents of communications not available to view and for Is.

  9. 9. Company's obligations

    • 1. Regulations and procedures necessary for the continuous improvement of your personal information. However, the company's personal information protection policy, the relevant laws and guidelines of the changes to the fluctuations may be and, if these variations as due to personal information protection policy of the amendment (改 定) two Not required to the company the amendments to the member immediately Company member so that you can easily identify revised through bulletin boards, announcements, etc. will take action.
    • 2. Receiving it, the purpose of providing, and to provide information on the contents of the member's personal information to third parties to provide the company receives the member's consent in advance.
  10. 10. NOTICE

    • Company members to maintain the security of personal information that we collect about to be committed. However, data transmission over the Internet is 100% guaranteed to be safe can not be. Ensure the security of the information sent to a member of the company's system information and online services provided by its results can not be guaranteed, these risks, the members must bear. The company is to make the best effort to avoid such problems.
  11. 11. Matters pertaining to the management of personal information (access, correction, deletion, etc.)

    • 1. Members can manage their personal information at any time, depending on how the following subparagraphs.

      A. Member login to the site of the company, how to manage

      B. How to contact members in writing (including fax), or e-mail to the Company Privacy Officer and contact

    • 2. Company member for the error correction of personal information, if requested, until the correction is completed such personal information or provide does not.
    • 3. Can be members of the company to agree to the collection and use of information about their withdrawal.
    • 4. History provided to third parties for their personal information to the company or the members may require.
    • 5. Trusted member provides false information to the company, the company, depending on the purpose of service to provide personal information to affiliates if untrue recognize and immediately correct the personal information to affiliates that results will be notified
  12. 12. Use of cookies

    • cookies (cookie) the Web site server computer as a member of a small amount of information that is transmitted, and here the required information of visited Web sites and services provided at check in the member's personal information such as contained. Members refuse to receive cookies or to alert you receive a cookie to your computer's web browser settings can be changed. Members of a cookie on your computer if you can transfer the use of Web services in the following company deems necessary.

      A. Provide differentiated depending on an individual's interest in the field of information

      B. Hours or frequency of access of the members and non-members, such as the analysis of the member's tastes and interests to identify the target (target) To take advantage of marketing

      C. Interested in this tour allows for items to provide personalized services by tracking the footsteps

      D. Scale analysis of the habits of the members to consider the service reorganization E. Wall Post Registration

  13. 13. Destruction of personal information and retention

    • 1. While receiving services offered by the company as a member of your company's member's personal information from the company retain and use this information in order to deliver the service. Unsubscribe if requested, delete, or modify a member of their own personal information, according to the members' matters relating to the management of personal information as described in the information, however, how to play can not be completely deleted and for any purpose whatsoever viewing or processing is not available.
    • 2. Destroy that principle's purpose or the purpose of collecting the personal information of members is achieved. However, if the company for a period of time of the member's personal information to hold.

      A. However, the following exceptions. In accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and other relevant laws and regulations, the need to preserve Users of water services caused unhealthy service investigation commissioned law enforcement agencies, and other members One year temporary basis for the purpose of protecting the personal information you can.

      B. Members of the company for six months while holding the personal information of its members if a member of the following acts You can restrict reactivation.

      A. Abusive to a member of Management

      B. Members trying to infringe on the privacy of others, if

      C. Other social norms and commerce order to violate

  14. 14. Comment

    • personal information you have a comment, please speak to the Privacy Officer and Contact Person. Expedite processing by the members of the company will make every effort to notify the result.